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About us

Our goal is to help podiatrists.

Throughout our careers in healthcare we've heard podiatrists talk about the same 3 problems and how it was hurting their practice.

"DME is a hassle!"

"DME is expensive to pay for upfront"

"I want to help my patients more but it has to be profitable"

Every podiatrist we talked to wanted to help their patients more while creating a revenue center but found it easier to send their patients to CVS or to then to bring it in house.

We started thinking about ways we could solve all of these issues while still increasing patient care and profitablity. After months of research, interviewing many podiatrists and talking with our state podiatric association, we felt we had a solution that really solved a problem and added value to each podiatrist.

Easy DME eliminates the hassle from DME by managing the entire inventory and fulfillment process. We also make sure you don't have to pay for any DME until you need it. Final, we ditched all of the pricing tiers and made sure everyone of our clients have the ablsolutely lowest pricing possible.

Our goal is to help podiatrists. We do that by making DME easy so that you can focus on your patients.